Member Benefits

Why join the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce? If you own a business or are involved in the Houston Heights, being a member of the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce brings you numerous benefits.  Invest in your organization's future and join the over 400 members that already are reaping the benefits.  To begin learning about membership benefits, attend a monthly Member Orientation Luncheon and begin to realize them immediately.

Professional Membership Benefits:



Networking opportunities to build and maintain business relationships. For information on all of our monthly and annual events please see the Events Overview.

Membership Directory

Receive two free listings in the next Membership Directory to promote your company.

Your listing will appear in our online membership directory providing you referrals 24/7 and increased SEO (search engine optimization) / Last year over 10,000 unique visitors searched our site for products and services.

Membership Plaque

Receive a membership plaque and have your company name and photo published in the newsletter. Boost your visibility.

Ribbon Cutting

Host a Ribbon Cutting event and welcome Chamber members to your business and meet potential new customers.

Breakfast Connection

Showcase a display table at a monthly Breakfast Connection which can bring greater recognition.

Sponsor a Chamber event (such as a Business After Hours or Breakfast Connection) to enhance your name recognition. Connect to more than 370 members who make efforts to patronize one another.

Business Luncheons

Develop relationships with key business and community leaders who can help you grow your business.

Access current knowledge about area industry trends and demographics and sharpen your marketing focus at the Economic Forecast Luncheon or Gateway to Local Government Luncheon.


Sponsor a Chamber event (such as a Business After Hours or Breakfast Connection) to enhance your name recognition. Connect to more than 400 members who make efforts to patronize one another.


Publish advertisements in the annual Chamber directory and attract new customers.

Boost your exposure with an ad on the Chamber’s Web site -– a members-only benefit.


Notary service free of charge.

Certificate of Origin verification free of charge.

Community Awareness

Ready to join?

General Business/Professional

501c3 and Schools              $100

1-10 Employees                   $275

11-25 Employees                $350

26-50 Employees                $400

51 and over                         $575

Leadership Level

Silver Patron                        $850

Gold Patron                         $1,250

Platinum Patron                   $2,500


Membership Application

Why the Chamber?

Enhancing your business and personal recognition are primary advantages of being a Chamber member.  Consider these benefits and how they can impact you in a positive manner:

*Chamber activities and programs help business owners that want to do business in the Greater Heights area by providing education, business support and referral opportunities to empower and grow their business.

 *Members benefit from experienced and inspirational speakers at business breakfasts, luncheons, and other educational opportunities sponsored by the Chamber. Interaction with fellow members builds business skills and affords the advantages of improving sales, marketing, operational and other essential business areas.

 *Members participate in numerous business luncheons with influential speakers, debates, networking opportunities and find mutual interests that help them build relationships.

 *In our Chamber, “People do business with people they know, like and trust,” and being an involved Chamber members can build awareness and trust.

 *Members enjoy business enhancing activities, programs, and socials. Blending fun with business results in members doing business with fellow members and adding value to their membership.

Jacob Millwee

President, Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce        

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