Chamber Email Policy

The Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce frequently receives requests from our members and others to sell or otherwise provide them with our membership email list so that they can market to you with low-cost eblasts.

It is our policy to not share your email address in this manner. This is for two good reasons. First, most of our members object to receiving unsolicited advertising messages on their business email. Second, the Chamber itself sends a number of emails each month announcing our many events, and we find that as we add more in a given week, the “open rate” begins to drop significantly. Therefore, we’ve learned to be very judicious in the number we transmit.

The sole exception to this policy is our Gem Level Partner membership levels which include 1-3 eblasts as part of their annual package of benefits. Members of some other local Chambers often receive several emails every day, the majority of which are not Chamber related, but simply sales pieces. While this is an income source for their organization, we believe it comes at the members’ expense and have elected to forego that practice.

However, as part of your membership benefits, we will gladly post any upcoming community event on the Community Bulletin page of our website.

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