President's Message

I hope that each of you has seen our new website by now.  Some of you love it, some of you are still warming up to it, and some of you find it confusing.  So why did we change it?

The internet changes.  Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and no one can afford to appear static anymore.  Now the majority of people demand that websites be interactive. Originally most web pages were designed to reflect books and newspapers - sources that presented information to be absorbed one page at a time.  It's even in the name - web PAGE.  But now, websites are modeled after games and programs - more like a puzzle than a page; something to be interacted with and manipulated instead of just absorbed.  Again, it's in the name.  Website is being discarded for App - which is short for Application (another word for computer program).

Beginning in 2014 more people access the internet through their phone than their desktop computers (according to com-Score.com).  With the way things are trending, desktop computers will only be found in the office (of companies who have not gotten around to upgrading) by 2019.  By 2025, keyboards and computer mice are projected to be things of the past.  These are not changes we can avoid.

So your Chamber did what every successful company does: we tried to anticipate the future and prepare for it.  The new website is an interactive platform designed to be smartphone and tablet friendly.  It allows you to communicate with other members, advertise within the chamber, offer coupons, post real estate listings, even get the word out about garage sales.  It is now no longer about the Chamber informing you, it is about you having an interactive conversation with the Chamber.  You can customize your profile, have online meetings, and post pictures and videos.  It is everything you need to take your membership into the future.



Jacob Millwee 
Your Chamber President 

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