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The LINKED newsletter is a monthly, magazine-style publication that is produced by the Chamber of Commerce. It is distributed to all 470 Chamber members as well as numerous storefront locations throughout the greater Heights. Each month several hundred newsletters are shared throughout the community, giving our advertisers great visibility.

Recent News
Mark Your Calendars for Cat Walk for Success!
11 days ago · From OfficeManager
Economic Forecast Featuring Dr. Gilmer
01.31.2017 · From OfficeManager
Health & Wellness Luncheon Coming Up!
11.04.2016 · From OfficeManager
Meet Alli Jarrett, owner of Harold’s Restaurant, Bar & Terrace and Alli’s Pizzaria.
08.31.2016 · From OfficeManager
Meet Cody Holder, a Community Aide in Commissioner Jack Cagle’s Precinct 4 office.
08.31.2016 · From OfficeManager
Meet Phil Stewart, senior account manager for The Leader Newspaper .
08.31.2016 · From OfficeManager
Meet Tanner Touchstone, a licensed health and life agent for USHEALTH Advisors.
08.31.2016 · From OfficeManager
Meet Tiffany Salinas of Welcome Wagon International.
08.31.2016 · From OfficeManager
Meet Rosemary Lengefeld, Community Executive Director for the Harriet and Joe Foster Family YMCA.
08.31.2016 · From OfficeManager
Meet Sue Sharma, president and owner of Sign-Ups and Banners.
08.31.2016 · From OfficeManager


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