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Education Luncheon celebrates our educators, students and the business partnerships that help further education.
05.01.2017 · From OfficeManager
Catwalk to Success Fashion Show coming soon!
03.30.2017 · From OfficeManager
Students participate in Crawfish Festival!
03.16.2017 · From OfficeManager
Please remember that there are so many ways businesses can partner with our schools. Businesses can sponsor events and there are many other opportunities as well.
01.31.2017 · From OfficeManager
The school year has started and we are on the road to address the needs of the education arena including the student’s health; areas we are highlighting this year will be finances and health of the student and health includes physical, mental, emotional and social health.
09.03.2015 · From admin
This past month we had a great exchange of ideas and events that are coming up that can benefit many of the schools and businesses that are partnering with the schools for some of their events as well.
03.05.2015 · From admin
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